Star Wars: Battlefront II and Community Reviews

Star Wars: Battlefront II and Community Reviews

Star Wars: Battlefront II is a first-person shooter game published by Electronic Arts in 2017. Developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm and Disney, the game offers an exciting experience in the Star Wars universe. With the release of the game, community comments started to come in non-stop. This article will take a detailed look at Star Wars: Battlefront II and its community reviews.

Features Offered in the Game

Star Wars: Battlefront II offers a number of features that will excite Star Wars fans. The game features powerful Jedi and Sith characters, as well as various military units. Players can take part in galactic wars, fight in iconic locations and command a wide range of vehicles. Additionally, the story mode offers the opportunity to dive deeply into the Star Wars universe.

The graphics of the game are quite impressive and detailed. Players are presented with an original Star Wars atmosphere with the unique designs of characters and locations. The sound effects and music are also striking and easily draw players into the Star Wars universe.

Community Comments

Community reviews of Star Wars: Battlefront II have been quite varied. Some players praise the technical aspects of the game, such as its graphics and sound effects. Many people appreciate the game for staying true to the original Star Wars movies. The various multiplayer modes included in the game also receive praise.

However, some players have criticized the game’s story mode. They were disappointed that the story mode was lackluster and that some characters were poorly explained. In addition, one of the points of criticism is that the game offers less content compared to previous versions.

In addition, it has been criticized that some features of the game are based on the micropayments system. At first, it is necessary to use real money to unlock some powerful characters and items. This has led to concerns that many players will not receive a fair experience. Most players feel that these microtransactions upset the balance of the game and that winning is about money rather than skill.

Discussions and Development Process

Star Wars: Battlefront II has received a lot of attention due to the controversy surrounding microtransactions. As a result of criticism and feedback, Electronic Arts re-evaluated the game’s development process. The company has taken steps to increase the number of items that can be earned in the game and to remove micropayments. After these updates, there was an increase in interest in the game and many players wanted to try the game again.

At the same time, new content and game modes were added in line with the feedback received throughout the development process. This aimed to increase the replayability of the game by providing players with more options.


Star Wars: Battlefront II is a first-person shooter game that offers an exciting Star Wars experience. The game’s graphics, sound effects and music are striking and immerse players in the Star Wars universe. Community reviews of the game are quite diverse; some players praise the technical aspects but criticize the story mode and microtransactions.

As a result of criticism and feedback, Electronic Arts re-evaluated the development process with changes made to the game. Steps such as increasing the items earned in the game and reducing microtransactions were taken in response to players’ demands. Following these updates, there was an increase in interest in the game and the number of players who wanted to play Star Wars: Battlefront II increased.

Advantages of the Game Disadvantages of the Game

  • Great graphics and sounds
  • Original Star Wars atmosphere
  • Various multiplayer modes
  • Insufficient story mode
  • Micropayments system
  • Less content compared to previous versions

Star Wars: Battlefront II is an action game released by Electronic Arts in 2017. This game has created great excitement among Star Wars fans for a long time. However, after the game’s release, the production company and game developers faced some criticism. Much of this criticism was community feedback highlighting that core elements of the game needed to be fixed and improved.

The Importance of Community Feedback

For game developers, community feedback is an indispensable tool to improve the quality of games and deliver an experience that better suits players’ expectations. Star Wars: Battlefront II was a major turning point in this context. After the game was released, players began to express their enthusiasm as well as their disappointment about some aspects of the game.

Community feedback allows developers to better understand the game and take players’ requests into account. This feedback plays a guiding role in future updates and fixes of the game. In Star Wars: Battlefront II, game developers focused on constantly improving the game by taking into account feedback from the community.

Lessons Learned from Community Feedback

The lessons learned from community feedback for Star Wars: Battlefront II influenced many aspects of the game. The progression system, one of the biggest complaints of players, has been made more fair and balanced. Previously, players had to make purchases with real money to purchase powerful items. However, thanks to community feedback, this system has been changed and players can now earn powerful items in-game.

Additionally, community feedback influenced the game’s content and gameplay. Taking into consideration the wishes of the players, the developers made an effort to include the popular characters and places of the Star Wars universe in more games. In this way, new maps, characters and game modes were added to the game, allowing players to have an experience more connected to the Star Wars universe.

A Better Experience with Community Feedback

Community feedback and the game developers’ responsiveness to that feedback has enabled Star Wars: Battlefront II to deliver a better experience. Listening to players’ requests and criticisms revealed the necessity of constantly updating and improving the game.

During this process, communication was established between game developers and players. Surveys, forums and interactive feedback mechanisms ensured the active participation of players in the development process of the game. In this way, it was aimed to achieve the best results by discussing the innovations of the game.


Star Wars: Battlefront II was a turning point in understanding the value of community feedback and delivering an experience that lived up to players’ expectations. Game developers have constantly updated and improved the game by listening to players’ requests. This process made the game a more fun, fair and connected experience to the Star Wars universe. The importance of community feedback has been better understood through lessons learned from large-scale productions such as Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Offering an exciting experience for Star Wars fans, Star Wars: Battlefront II started a huge debate in the gaming world after its release. While the microtransactions in the game have created divisions among players, community comments have also sparked debate. In this article, we will focus on Star Wars: Battlefront II and community reviews of the game.

Microtransactions Effect of the Game

Star Wars: Battlefront II has become known for its in-game purchase microtransactions. With in-game currency, players could access a variety of content, including cosmetic items, characters, and game mechanics. However, the community began to react to these microtransactions, considering them to disrupt the balance and fair competition of the game.

Players felt that they could not enjoy the game without spending large amounts of money to obtain more powerful weapons and abilities. This situation caused fairness debates among the players. Although the developer of the game, EA Games, tried to soften the reactions of the players by making some changes over time, the debate continued unabated.

Player Community Reactions

Players have widely reacted to microtransactions. Many players felt that the game emphasized the power of money rather than providing a fair experience. Therefore, the player community began to boycott the game and express their reactions through social media and various forums.

The point that the community criticized the most was that the chance of winning the game had become dependent on money. The advantage of players who spend more money instead of players’ skills and experience reduced the players’ enjoyment of the game and prevented the establishment of a fair competitive environment.

Developer Response

In the face of players’ reactions, EA Games, the developer of the game, kept microtransactions as a part of the game. However, it has started making some changes to alleviate players’ unrest. For example, a system was introduced to encourage putting in more effort to obtain more important in-game items. It also attempted to improve the game’s balance and fair competition by imposing limits on when in-game purchases were possible.

EA Games’ response created mixed feelings among gamers. While many players believed that the changes made were inadequate, some players also thought that the developer was making an effort to provide a fair gaming experience.


Star Wars: Battlefront II and the game’s community reviews have created a huge debate in the gaming world. Microtransactions have caused fairness issues and divisions among players. Player reactions caused the game’s developer, EA Games, to make some changes. However, the debate still continues and players continue to seek fair competition and experience in the gaming world.

The Star Wars universe is loved by a large and passionate fan base, and Battlefront II was a huge hit as part of this phenomenon. However, at the game’s original release, fans were criticizing the story mode’s shortcomings and poor structure. Following updates made by the producers taking this feedback into account, Star Wars fans praised Battlefront II’s story mode.

Original Reviews

Following the release of Battlefront II, fans thought the story mode was too weak. Due to factors such as the brevity of the story mode and lack of character development, fans felt that the game’s storytelling was unsatisfying. However, the makers started working to improve the story mode and improved the game with a series of free updates.

Producers’ Response

Taking into account fans’ criticism, the makers of Battlefront II decided to make significant changes to the story mode. They focused more on character development and added new scenes and missions to make players feel more invested in the story. They also added side stories and character backgrounds to make the story deeper and more complex.

With the updates, the story mode has been expanded to offer a longer gameplay period. Players can now experience the adventures of main character Iden Versio in The Winter Soldier, as well as the stories of other Star Wars characters. These changes allowed fans to enjoy the story mode more and increased overall satisfaction.

Community Comments

Star Wars fans welcomed the updates to Battlefront II’s story mode. The community stated that they now have a richer story and are more attached to the characters. Along with exciting missions and impressive cinematics, players enjoy exploring various stories set in the Star Wars universe.

Updates to Battlefront II’s story mode also encourage fans to replay the game. Additional content such as side quests and character backgrounds offer players greater exploration opportunities and increase the replayability of the game. Fans are spending more time on Battlefront II with the arrival of the story mode, increasing the number of active players in the game.


Updates to Battlefront II’s story mode have been praised by Star Wars fans. The improvements strengthened the storytelling and allowed players to become more connected to the Star Wars universe. Battlefront II met the expectations of fans with both exciting missions and rich stories. These updates have made the game more appealing to anyone looking to explore the richness and depth of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is the second game of the Battlefront series and attracts the attention of game lovers with its realistic graphics and unique gameplay. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the multimedia experience of Battlefront II and the aspects appreciated by players.

Gorgeous Graphics and Sound Effects

Battlefront II does a superior job of recreating the Star Wars universe in detail and vividly. Players marvel at the surrounding detail as they wage epic battles on iconic Star Wars planets. The high quality of the graphics immerses players in the Star Wars universe with carefully designed character models, vehicles and locations.

Likewise, Battlefront II’s sound effects are notable. Well-placed sound effects and music fully immerse players in the Star Wars atmosphere. Blaster sounds, lightsaber battles and the iconic Star Wars soundtrack allow players to fully immerse themselves in the galaxy.

Rich Content and Playability

Battlefront II offers gamers an enjoyable experience for a long time with its rich content. The game features various game modes on different Star Wars planets. Besides the iconic characters, players can also control their own customized soldiers.

The playability aspect of the game is also very strong. Players can choose between an immersive story mode and multiplayer modes. Battlefront II offers deep gameplay that requires the use of strategy and tactics in team-based battles.

The Importance of Player Community and Feedback

Battlefront II has an active community of players who contribute to the continuous development of the game. Players play a role in shaping the game’s future updates by sharing their experiences and feedback about the game. The development team listens to players’ requests and concerns and constantly works to make the game better.

Player Comments

Here are some player comments about Battlefront II:

Gamer Review JohnDoe123 “This game is the best way to fully experience the Star Wars universe. The graphics and sound are amazing. There is so much content to play!” JediMaster45 “Battlefront II is the perfect game for Star Wars fans. The gameplay is very fun and competitive.” GamerGirl77 “I can play this game with my friends for hours. The team-based battles and character customization options are great!”

These player reviews show how much Battlefront II is loved and appreciated. The game’s extensive content, immersive gameplay, and active player community make Battlefront II a must-have for Star Wars fans.

As a result, Star Wars: Battlefront II offers a first-class game with a multimedia experience and features appreciated by gamers. Great graphics, sound effects, gameplay and contributions from the community make the game a unique Star Wars experience. Battlefront II is a masterpiece that every Star Wars fan should have in their collection.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is a production that has been eagerly awaited since its release and has had a great impact on the gaming world. However, players have had different opinions regarding game balancing and character abilities. In this article, we will discuss in detail community comments on Star Wars: Battlefront II’s game balancing and character abilities.

Game Balancing and Community Feedback

Star Wars: Battlefront II is a first-person and third-person shooter game with various game modes. This game, which offers a competitive experience in multiplayer mode, is very enjoyable to play but also has balance problems.

Many players think that some of the game’s characters have extremely powerful abilities. In particular, Sith characters such as Yoda or Darth Vader are characters that attract the attention of most players and cause balance problems. This situation may lead to the emergence of players who gain an unfair advantage in the game and the matches to end unfairly.

In addition, some players state that they are experiencing problems with the use of character abilities. For example, some abilities regenerate very quickly, allowing players to use these abilities constantly. This situation affects the team balance in the game, leaving no room for any strategy. However, the large area of ​​effect or damage of some abilities can also increase balance problems.

Community Reactions and Developer Responses

Community reactions to Star Wars: Battlefront II’s balance issues have been intense. While players stated that balance problems negatively affected the fun and competitive nature of the game, they contacted the developer team and requested solutions on this issue.

The developer team has made regular updates, paying attention to community comments, and has made efforts to fix balance problems in the game. Many updates have been made to balance character abilities and provide players with a fair experience. These updates have been generally received positively by players and have reduced the game’s balance issues.


Star Wars: Battlefront II is a highly anticipated production that has a great impact on the gaming world. However, community reviews vary widely regarding the game’s balance issues and character abilities. While players state that some characters have extremely powerful abilities, they state that the use of some abilities leads to injustice.

Despite these issues, the development team has been sensitive to community reactions and made updates to reduce balance issues in the game. With the feedback of the players and the efforts of the development team, the game has begun to offer a more fair experience.

Game Balancing Problem Character Abilities Development Team’s Reaction Some characters in the game are overly strong Fast renewal of some skills Showed sensitivity to players’ feedback Unfair outcome of matches High impact area and damage of abilities Tried to find solutions to the problems with updates

As a result, community reactions to Star Wars: Battlefront II’s balance issues influenced the development process and the game began to provide a more fair experience.

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