Slay the Spire In-Game Achievements: Completion Guide

Slay the Spire In-Game Achievements: Completion Guide

Slay the Spire is a roguelike card game developed by Mega Crit Games. In the game, players choose a character and try to defeat enemies using different cards and abilities while climbing a tower. The game has many in-game achievements and completing these achievements has an important role to progress in the game and access more content. In this article, you can find detailed information about in-game achievements in Slay the Spire and learn how to complete them.

1. Starting the Game: Slay the Spire

When starting the game, you need to complete “The City” region, which has one of the most challenging dungeons, to achieve the first achievements. Consisting of three dungeons, this area takes you on an adventure full of challenging enemies, traps and rewards. Completing this chapter and obtaining achievements helps players access other dungeons and more content.

2. Characters

There are three different character options in Slay the Spire: Ironclad, Silent, and Defect. Each character has a different playstyle, abilities and cards. Here are some achievements you need to complete for these characters:

  • Ironclad: Some of the achievements associated with the Ironclad character can be gaining a certain number of HP, defeating a certain number of enemies, or using a special ability.
  • Silent: Achievements for the Silent character may include tasks such as dealing poison damage, blocking, or successfully performing a special death move.
  • Defect: Achievements for the Defect character can focus on things like gaining energy, using orbs, or dealing a certain number of shock damage.

3. Card Usage

The basic mechanic of the game is to defeat enemies using cards. Cards can have different effects such as attacks, blocks, spells and special abilities. You can collect cards in the game, upgrade them or exchange cards in trading places. Here are some achievements for the cards and how they can be completed:

  • Card Collector: Collect all the cards and create a physical or digital collection by trying different combinations of cards for each character.
  • Pushing the Boundaries: Discover and upgrade a magical card; In this way, you can increase the power of the card and gain superiority in battles.
  • Nightmare Cards: Use cards that seem risky at first and complete them successfully. These cards can give you an advantage in the game and allow you to get special achievements.

4. Defeating Bosses

In the game, each dungeon has a Boss (a large enemy) and it is important to defeat them. Boss battles test players’ strategies and you may need a specific plan and combination of cards to complete them. To defeat bosses, you can focus on a few achievements:

  • Boss Defeat: For each character, you have the task of defeating the Bosses in all dungeons. Completing this achievement allows you to progress through the game and can grant you access to more challenging dungeons.
  • Golden Arm: Defeat all Bosses and get a special ability. This ability will make you stronger and give you an advantage against enemies in dungeons.

5. Risky Decisions

Slay the Spire challenges players with tough decisions using risk and reward mechanics. During the game process, you may encounter special places such as relaxation points, trading places and portable stores. Here are some achievements for these locations and how they can be completed:

  • Treasure Hunter: Focus on rare quests and find rare items in the game. These items give you an advantage in the game and help complete some achievements.
  • Coins: Spend in portable stores and buy different items. This helps you use the game’s economy mechanics and obtain special items.

6. Playing Again

Since Slay the Spire is a roguelike game, each playthrough is different. The game restarts every time and you can encounter different cards, enemies and rewards. Restart mechanics give players the chance to play with different characters and strategies. Here are some achievements related to these restart mechanics:

  • Rebirth: Die in the game, but restart the game by choosing a new character. Completing this achievement allows you to progress through the game and discover the abilities of different characters.
  • Strategy Change: Try different strategies with different characters and achieve a different victory for each character. This achievement encourages you to play the game again.


In-game achievements in Slay the Spire offer players the opportunity to experience different aspects of the game and progress through the game. These achievements add depth to the game’s gameplay while also providing access to more content. In this guide, you learned some of the achievements available in Slay the Spire and how to complete them. It is important for players to aim for these achievements to gain experience and succeed in the game. Good luck!

Slay the Spire is a unique strategy game that combines a card game and a roguelike action-adventure game. The gist of the game is that players embark on a challenge-filled tower climb with a character of their choice. Each climb offers a different experience and is filled with a variety of enemies, cards and items where players must make tactical decisions to progress.

For beginners, the difficulty levels of this game can be confusing. However, advanced achievements require a player to fully understand and master the game. In this guide, we will share important tips and strategies you can use to level up the difficulty level in Slay the Spire.

Character Selection

The first step starts with choosing your class. There are four different classes in Slay the Spire: Ironclaw, Silent, Defect, and Watcher. Each class has its own unique play style, cards and abilities. To overcome the difficulty levels, you must thoroughly learn the strengths of your chosen character and integrate them into your strategy.

Choosing the Right Cards

Slay the Spire is a game where your card collection plays a big role. It is important to understand the power and effects of the cards, create the right combinations and play them at the right time. You should choose your card carefully. You can get more powerful cards as you progress in the tower, but it is important to consider your goal and strategy when choosing cards.

Tactical Game

Rather than simply rushing through difficulty levels, it’s important to think strategically and plan your tactics. Slay the Spire requires you to properly use the power of the cards and time them correctly to block or mitigate enemies’ attacks. By thinking carefully and using combinations of cards you can achieve better results.

Using Supplements

The boosts available in the game play an important role in strengthening your character. These boosts can increase the effect of cards, heal your character, or deal additional damage to enemies. You can gain an advantage by strategically placing boosts on cards and your superiors.

Exploring the Limits of the Game

Although Slay the Spire is a game full of challenge, it holds many secrets waiting to be discovered, as well as some advanced achievements for you to achieve. On each climb, you may encounter different events, challenges and surprises. Exploring different aspects of the game and trying new strategies can help you move up the difficulty levels.

Battle Against Tough Enemies

Slay the Spire is filled with a variety of challenging enemies. Each enemy has its own attack style and strengths. When fighting these enemies, it is important to learn their attacks and strategies. Some enemies may have certain weaknesses and you can gain an advantage by using them. It’s also advantageous to use cards that weaken your enemies, such as lowering their shields or stopping spells.


Slay the Spire offers many advanced achievements to level up the difficulty levels. To achieve these achievements, you must understand your character well, choose the right cards, think strategically and use your tactics expertly. It is also important to explore the limits of the game and learn the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies. Completing advanced achievements in Slay the Spire is a way to demonstrate your mastery and understanding of the game.

Finding Your Way to Key Achievements: Slay the Spire In-Game Achievements Completion GuideSlay the Spire is one of the most popular card-based roguelike games of recent years. This unique and challenging game has managed to attract players. One of the main goals in the game is to complete key achievements. Key achievements help players explore the game even more deeply, improve their strategies and fully enjoy the game. In this article, we will give you a detailed guide to find your way to the key achievements in Slay the Spire.

1. Achievements Overview

There are many different key achievements in Slay the Spire. These achievements require completing specific objectives in the game and present players with a more challenging experience.

2. Function of Achievements

Key achievements in Slay the Spire are designed to show off players’ achievements and make the game more challenging. Completing achievements allows you to make in-game progress and test new strategies.

3. How to Earn Achievements

You can apply various strategies to earn achievements in Slay the Spire. Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Use each character’s special abilities: Slay the Spire allows you to unlock four different characters. Each character has their own unique abilities and cards. Since each character’s strategy is different, determine your strategies according to the character you play.
  • Choose your cards carefully: Carefully evaluate the cards you receive in the game and choose the ones that suit your strategy. Some cards can be more powerful when combined with special abilities.
  • Maintain a balance of blocking and attacking: In Slay the Spire, you will need to both attack and block. It is important to have block cards that will block enemies’ attacks and attack cards that will neutralize enemies.
  • Upgrade your equipment: As the game progresses, you can collect new equipment and abilities. Upgrading these items and cards will strengthen your strategy.
  • Challenge new difficulty modes: Slay the Spire features different difficulty levels. You can try these difficulty modes to make the game even harder and test yourself.

4. Notable Achievements

There are many important achievements in Slay the Spire. Here are some: Achievements Description First Victory Finish the game with a character 360 Degrees Upgrade every card First Step to Victory Complete the game by finishing Act 1 The Missed Treasure Collect a missed treasure

5. Conclusion

Completing key achievements allows you to have a more in-depth experience in Slay the Spire. To earn these achievements, it’s important to take a strategic approach, make your card choices carefully, and use your character’s abilities. This guide provides some tips and tricks to help you complete the achievements. Good luck completing the achievements in Slay the Spire!

Slay the Spire is a popular card-based roguelike game. Players choose from different characters and embark on a journey to a challenging castle. During this journey, the goal is to reach the top by encountering powerful enemies and overcoming various challenges. The game’s achievements are a feature that encourages players to complete the game and achieve different goals. For every achievement you complete, you earn rewards and benefits. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the Slay the Spire in-game achievements and the rewards for completing them.

Importance of Achievements

In-game achievements are a source of motivation that makes the game more fun and engaging. Achievements provide players with incentive to explore the game further and play at a higher level. Additionally, players earn special rewards and benefits as they complete achievements. These rewards can appear in the game in different ways, such as powerful cards, new characters or playable content.

Types of Achievements

There are many different types of achievements in Slay the Spire. Each achievement has a specific goal or task, and when you successfully complete that goal, you achieve the achievement. There are generally three types of achievements in the game:

  1. Character Achievements: These are achievements specific to each character. For example, a character might have a goal such as completing the game without getting killed. Such achievements encourage you to play the game with different characters.
  2. Challenging Achievements: These achievements require players to complete the game with certain challenges. For example, there may be a challenge to complete the game by only rebounding (blocking). These achievements offer a new challenge to more experienced players.
  3. Progress Achievements: These achievements require the player to complete the game in a certain way or unlock a certain feature. For example, a goal might be to discover all the cards. These achievements encourage in-game progression and help the player discover more.

Rewards You Will Earn by Completing

As you complete achievements in Slay the Spire, you earn various rewards and benefits. These rewards can be used to make game progression easier or provide more content. Here is a list of some of the rewards you can receive as you complete achievements:

Achievements Rewards Character achievements Unlocking new characters Challenge achievements Powerful cards or items Progression achievements Unlocking new game modes or difficulty levels General achievements In-game currency or access to special events

These rewards enrich the gaming experience by encouraging players to complete achievements. Playing with new characters, obtaining powerful cards, and exploring different game modes gives players more variety.


In-game achievements are an important feature that increases the playability and gaming experience in card-based roguelike games like Slay the Spire. Completing achievements rewards players with special rewards and benefits. Provides the opportunity to discover more cards, characters and content. To experience completing achievements in Slay the Spire, it is important to play with different characters, overcome challenges, and keep moving forward. As you complete each in-game achievement, you will become a more advanced player in the game!

Slay the Spire is a card-based strategy game that combines the Roguelike and Deck-building genres. Players progress to become an invincible warrior by improving their decks. In the game, rewards can be earned by completing many different challenges. Here are some tips for expanding and completing achievements in Slay the Spire.

Ways to Earn Achievements

To achieve achievements, you need to make different strategic choices in Slay the Spire. Completing these achievements will become more difficult as you progress through the game. However, you can be successful using the following strategies:

  • Start the Game with Different Characters: Each character has unique abilities and playstyles. You can gain a broader perspective by trying different characters to gain success.
  • Capture Powerful Wins: The game features powerful cards, items and events. Use these gains to make your character stronger and overcome difficulties more easily.
  • Choose Route Carefully: Slay the Spire offers players different routes. Some routes offer more rewards, while others may present more challenges. To complete the achievements, you must make the best choice by trying various routes.
  • Learn from the Game: Every gaming experience provides you with new tactics and strategies. To be successful, improve your software by applying what you learn from events and matches to other games.

Importance of Achievements and Rewards

Achievements allow you to unlock many different rewards in Slay the Spire. Completing achievements grants you a number of benefits such as:

  • Extra Cards and Items: As achievements are completed, you unlock new cards and items. These new items can strengthen your deck and diversify your tactics.
  • Extra Challenges: Some achievements add challenges to the game, providing a more interesting and challenging experience. These challenges can bring a new breath to the game and make it more exciting.
  • Status and Titles: Slay the Spire has a statistics system that tracks your gameplay. Once achievements are completed, you can share your progress with other players by earning titles and statuses.

Some Notable Achievements

There are many different achievements in Slay the Spire. Here are some key achievements and how to complete them:

How to Complete Achievements? Champion’s Crown Reach Ascension level 20 with all three characters in the game Time for Change Perform a transformation on an Change bearer Reach Ascension level 1 with all three characters in the Legendary First Game

These achievements are just a few examples, and many more are available in Slay the Spire. Explore the game and improve your strategies to complete achievements!

Develop your strategy to play Slay the Spire and complete all achievements. Increase your chances of winning by trying different characters and routes. As you complete achievements, your progress in the game will become more meaningful. Have fun!

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