Quests and Quest Tips in Outriders

Quests and Quest Tips in Outriders

Outriders is an action role-playing game developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. In the game, you can advance the story and earn different rewards by completing various tasks. In this article, we will give detailed information about the missions in Outriders and provide tips on how to complete the missions.

Task Types

Outriders basically includes three different mission types: main missions, side missions and hunting missions. Main quests are missions that you must complete to advance the main story in the game. Side quests are tasks you need to complete to gain extra experience, obtain new equipment, or explore the story world more deeply. Hunting missions are missions you can take to kill a certain enemy or creature and allow you to earn special rewards.

Quest Tips

To successfully complete missions in Outriders, you can consider the following tips:

  • Strengthen Your Character: The difficulty level of missions increases as you progress, so you must constantly upgrade your character’s abilities and equipment. You can strengthen your character’s features by using your skill points. You can also equip your character using the equipment you obtain from missions.
  • Choose Your Team Well: Since Outriders is a game that can be played online with other players or artificial intelligence, it is important to choose your team correctly. A team of characters with different abilities complement each other, helping you complete missions more successfully.
  • Play Tactically: You will encounter different enemy types and challenges in each mission, so you should adjust your tactics accordingly. You can gain an advantage against enemies by using your character’s abilities and weapons correctly.
  • Communicate: If you are playing with other players online, communication is very important. When you communicate with your teammates during a mission, you achieve better coordination and complete tasks more easily.

Sample Missions

There are different and exciting missions in Outriders. Here are some sample missions of the game:

Mission Name Target Reward Lost Presidential Convoy Find the presidential convoy and take it to the safe zone. Equipment, experience points Large-Scale Attack Attack the enemy camp and kill its leader. Defensive equipment, special weapons Dangerous Exploration Explore new regions and collect resources. Increase missions, story details

Each of these missions requires players to use careful thinking, strategy development and quick reaction skills.


Outriders offers players an enjoyable experience with its exciting story and challenging missions. To complete the missions, it is important to strengthen your character, choose your team correctly and play tactically. Sample missions increase the diversity of the game and offer players new challenges. If you are looking for an action-packed game, Outriders is definitely a game you should try.

Outriders is a popular action role-playing game. Players develop their powers and abilities as they attempt to defeat enemies by completing various missions. In this article, we will discuss in detail the importance of leveling up and doing missions in Outriders.

Quests and Quest Tips

Outriders offers players a wide range of missions. There are different types such as main quests, side quests and recurring quests. While main story missions determine the progression of the game, side missions help develop characters and enable them to earn additional rewards. Additionally, recurring missions are missions that players can do over and over again to upgrade their equipment and gain more experience.

Doing quests is the key to progressing in Outriders. As you complete missions, your character becomes stronger and the difficulty of the game increases. Quests also allow you to gain new equipment, weapons and abilities. New equipment and weapons allow you to further develop your character and defeat tougher enemies. The experience points you gain in missions are also important to level up. With each new level, you can improve your character’s abilities and statistics.

It is important to pay attention to some tips while working in Outriders. First of all, you may encounter various difficulty levels while completing missions. Choosing the game’s difficulty level well allows you to gain more experience and get better rewards. It is also important to use the map well during missions. Checking the map before encountering unseen enemies will help you avoid surprise attacks. Additionally, communicating well with your team and supporting each other during the mission is also a great advantage.

The Importance of Leveling Up

Leveling up is a way to make your character stronger in Outriders. At each level, you have the opportunity to improve your character’s abilities and statistics. This allows you to better deal with enemies with stronger attack and defense abilities. Additionally, you will need better equipment to complete higher-level missions. You can customize your character the way you want by spending the skill points you earn while leveling up on better skills.

Leveling up also allows you to interact with other players in Outriders, which is a social game. You can team up with higher level players or compete in PvP (player vs. player) mode. You can participate in various challenging events to obtain higher level equipment and abilities.


Leveling up and doing missions are of great importance in Outriders. Completing quests is the key to improving your character and getting better equipment. Leveling up makes your character much stronger and allows you to interact with other players. To be successful in the world of Outriders, it is important to make good use of missions and leveling opportunities.

  • The game’s story mode includes many different missions.
  • Missions are divided into two: main missions and side missions.
  • Quests help players better understand the story and world of Outriders.

Main Quests:

In Outriders, main quests drive the game forward and cover the main points of the story. These missions allow you to follow the basic story line of the game.

Side Quests:

Side quests are additional quests that take place alongside the main quests. These quests allow you to gain more experience points and explore the world. Side quests expand the game’s world and allow players to explore different sections.

Quest Tips:

You can keep the following tips in mind when completing missions in Outriders:

  • Teamwork: The game is based on teamwork. You may need help from other players while completing missions.
  • Class Selection: The game features four different classes: Warrior, Technician, Mage, and Expressionist. You can gain an advantage by choosing tasks suitable for your class.
  • Use of Weapons and Abilities: Use your weapons effectively while fighting enemies in missions. You can also gain an advantage by using your class-specific abilities.
  • Study Maps: Examine maps carefully during missions. This can help you discover hidden areas and special items.
  • Strategic Planning: Make a strategic plan before starting tasks. You can better manage the battle by identifying the enemies’ strengths and weaknesses.

Quests and Rewards:

You can earn various rewards while completing missions. These rewards include weapons, armor, abilities, and items. Quests also reward experience points and in-game currency.


Missions Type Rewards Mission 1 Main Quest Weapon, Experience Points Mission 2 Side Quest Armor, In-Game Money Mission 3 Main Quest Ability, Experience Points

In Outriders, quests provide players with the opportunity to explore the game’s story and world. It is important to think strategically and use weapons and abilities appropriate to your class when completing main and side missions. When you complete the tasks successfully, you will receive various rewards. Making tactical moves while progressing through the game, taking into account the maps and enemies as well as the missions, provides a great advantage to the players.

Outriders is an exciting action-role-playing game about humanity’s struggle to survive on a new planet. The game includes a story consisting of different missions and side missions. In this article, we will explain in detail how to complete missions in Outriders and some mission tips.

Description of Tasks

There are two different types of missions in Outriders: main story missions and side missions. Main story missions are the missions that progress the game and allow you to follow the basic story arc. Side missions are tasks outside the main missions that you can do to improve your character or obtain additional items.

Methods to Complete Quests

To complete the missions, you need to achieve certain goals. Usually, you will be faced with tasks such as defeating enemies, finding certain objects, or exploring certain areas. You can follow the steps below to complete the tasks:

  • Accept quests: Talk to NPCs or select quests from quest boards to accept quests.
  • Track mission objectives: You can track the objectives of your missions on the map or minimap. So you can see where you need to go or what you need to do.
  • Defeat enemies: In most missions you will have to fight enemies. Defeat enemies using your weapons and maintain your health.
  • Find objects: In some missions you may need to find certain objects. Explore the map carefully and collect objects by going to the marked points.
  • Return for quest completion: After achieving objectives, return to resource points to complete quests. Here you can claim your rewards and accept new missions.

Quest Tips

There are some tips that can help you as you complete missions in Outriders. Here are some important tips:

  • Play with Teammates: Playing with teammates can provide an easier and faster experience when completing challenging missions. By working together, you can be more successful in defeating enemies and achieving challenging goals.
  • Optimize Your Class: There are different classes in Outriders, and each class has different abilities. You can complete missions more effectively by using your class’s abilities and advantages.
  • Upgrade Your Items: You can get better items during missions. Don’t forget to upgrade and strengthen your items regularly. This will give you an advantage in completing missions.
  • Play Strategically: You can develop various strategies to defeat enemies. By using their protection, you can increase your resistance to enemy fire or work with your teammates’ abilities.


In Outriders, quests form the core of the gaming experience. To complete the missions, you must achieve the given objectives, defeat the enemies and collect the objects. In this article, we have detailed the general steps and some tips you need to follow to complete the tasks. Have fun!

Outriders is an intense action-packed shooter. Players must complete various missions to survive in a world that requires speed, skill and teamwork. In this article, we will focus on the importance and rewards of Outriders’ main quests, and also cover quest tips.

Importance of Tasks

In Outriders, quests are one of the main progression mechanics of the game, and new quests are unlocked as the story progresses. Main quests are important to convey the core story of the game and introduce players to the depths of the game world. Quests interrupt the gameplay loop, providing players with different gameplay experiences such as investigation, exploration, and combat. At the same time, missions offer players the opportunity to learn more about the Outriders universe.

Another important aspect of quests is that they give players experience and help them develop their characters. As they complete missions, players earn rewards that strengthen their equipment and skills. This allows players to be ready for more challenging missions and enemies. At the same time, quests provide the opportunity to make choices that shape the character’s story.

Quest Rewards

Each Outriders mission offers various rewards upon completion. These rewards can be of different types such as in-game money, items and experience points. Rewards allow players to purchase new equipment for their characters or improve their existing equipment.

Completing missions also allows players to learn new skills and abilities to become stronger as the story progresses. As the character levels up, players can access new skill trees and customize their character to their desired playstyle.

Additionally, some quests may provide access to rare items or special rewards. These rewards are designed to increase engagement with the game and encourage players to explore further.

Quest Tips

Following some tips and strategies when completing missions in Outriders can help players progress more easily:

  • Use a set of equipment appropriate to your task. Each mission presents different challenges, so tailor your character’s equipment to suit those challenges.
  • Work as a team on missions. Since Outriders is a multiplayer game, working together with your teammates can give you an advantage.
  • Analyze the enemies in the mission. Learning the weak points of each enemy and developing strategies accordingly will make you more effective in battles.
  • Use incumbent environments. In Outriders, environments offer a variety of tactics you can use to defeat enemies. For example, you can protect yourself from enemy fire by taking cover in protected points.
  • Use your tactical skills in missions. Each character has different skill sets. Using these skills strategically will help you gain the upper hand in battles.

Quest Reward Main Quest 1 1000 in-game money, new skill Main Quest 2 High-level equipment, experience points Main Quest 3 Rare item, special skill Main Quest 4 500 in-game money, new equipment pieces

In Outriders, quests are an important element that further deepens the gaming experience and helps players develop their characters. You can have a more enjoyable and successful gaming experience by considering the tips given above while completing the tasks.

Outriders, a spectacular science fiction action game, plunges players into a dark and dangerous world. The game features a number of secret missions as well as the main story. These secret missions further enrich the gaming experience and give players extra rewards. Follow this guide to discover some ways to achieve mysterious and exciting missions in Outriders.

Finding Hidden Missions

To encounter secret missions in Outriders, you need to pay attention to some signs. These symptoms will show you where the task is and how to start it. Here are some tips for finding hidden missions:

  • Pay attention to people’s conversations: Some NPCs give clues to indicate locations of secret missions or methods of starting them. Listen to what people say as you move around the settlement or while on a mission.
  • Check your quest log: Some hidden quests may be linked to main quests and appear in the quest log. Check your journal regularly as you switch between tasks.
  • Explore and investigate: Outriders features a vast open world that encourages exploration. Roam the map to find hidden missions, try to reach interesting points and expand your research.

Once you find the secret missions, you may need to follow certain steps to start them. These steps may vary depending on what the task is. To start quests, you can interact with quest-giving NPCs by standing next to them or fulfill certain conditions, such as obtaining or using a certain item.

Secret Mission Tips

Some tips and strategies can guide you while completing secret missions. Below are some useful tips on undercover missions:

  • Pay attention to fine details: Secret missions can often be found in less explored areas of the game world or in secret passages. Look around carefully and focus on seemingly unimportant details.
  • Get powerful equipment: Some stealth missions may require you to fight against tough enemies or unusual obstacles. It is important to acquire powerful weapons and equipment to complete these missions more easily.
  • Work as a team: Outriders is a game that can be played online with other players. You can get the support of your teammates and progress faster while completing secret missions.
  • Be careful and tactical: Some stealth missions require solving enemies’ traps or developing tactics against tough enemies. Analyze the missions carefully and determine the best strategy.

Rewards for Secret Missions

Completing secret missions earns players various rewards. These rewards can be items that speed up progress in the game or improve your character’s abilities. You can also get unique items such as special weapons, armor or cosmetic items.

Mission Name Reward Secret Mission 1 A powerful weapon Secret Mission 2 A cosmetic skin Secret Mission 3 Skill point increase

Completing secret missions gives players the opportunity to better explore the depths of the game and earn extra rewards. Look around carefully, follow clues, and move strategically to discover hidden missions in the world of Outriders. Get ready for action-packed adventures while enjoying these exciting missions!

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