Metro: Last Light: Best Tactics and Strategies

Metro: Last Light: Best Tactics and Strategies

Metro: Last Light is a popular first-person shooter game developed by Ukrainian studio 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. This game, which attracts players especially with its atmosphere and story, draws attention with its structure that requires many tactics and strategies. In this article, I will cover the best tactics and strategies for Metro: Last Light.

1. Use Sneak Mode

In Metro: Last Light, it is important to move silently and pass by enemies without them noticing. Sneak mode is a great option to neutralize or kidnap your enemies. To move around silently, you can move your character more slowly and silently by using the left button. If you get caught, you may need to use a tactic to neutralize your enemies.

2. Use Your Bullets Wisely

Ammo is quite valuable in Metro: Last Light. There is a limited amount of ammunition in the game’s world and it is important to use each bullet carefully. You don’t just have to kill your enemies in the game, sometimes knocking them out or making them escape can also be a strategy. Here are some strategies to optimize bullet usage:

  • – Use electroshocks to stun and incapacitate your enemies. In this way, you can eliminate enemies without wasting ammunition.
  • – You can neutralize your enemies using your melee weapons. In this way, you can save ammo.
  • – Leave people while they are fighting enemies and return after neutralizing them to save ammo.

3. Use the Environment Well

Metro: Last Light offers a variety of environmental elements to neutralize or escape your enemies. Be careful and take advantage when using these elements:

  • – Prevent enemies from noticing you by hiding in dark areas. Shadow areas are great hiding spots that can be used frequently in the game.
  • – You can pass through your enemies through narrow passages such as pipes and vents. In this way, you can defeat enemies and make surprise attacks.
  • – You can set traps for your enemies by using explosives. In this way, you may have the opportunity to neutralize them.

4. Upgrade Your Weapons

There are many different weapons in the game and it is important to upgrade these weapons. Use weapon upgrades to increase your weapon’s performance, deal more damage to your enemies, or save ammo. You can find some weapon upgrades in the table below:

Weapon Upgrade Benefits Bolt-action Sniper Optical sight Allows you to aim better at targets. Revolver High capacity magazine You can carry more bullets. Rifle Larger magazine You can fire more bullets.

5. Communication and Use of Reinforcements

Metro: Last Light also has a structure where your teammates are with you. You can increase your game advantage by using your teammates effectively. Here are some tactics for using teammates and communication:

  • – Use your teammates to help you with various tasks. For example, you may want them to provide protection against fire that covers you.
  • – Using your communication device, you can inform your teammates about the enemies and develop strategies.
  • – You can order your teammates to attack and make them take down the enemies.

Considering the game’s inherent challenges, it is important to use the best tactics and strategies for Metro: Last Light. Tactics such as using sneak mode, saving ammo, using the environment, upgrading weapons and using your teammates effectively are the elements that will make you successful in the game. I hope this article has provided important information to help Metro: Last Light players.

Ways to Escape Enemies Using Stealth and Shadow

Stealth and shadow use are the most important skills in survival games. Especially in games with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, such as Metro: Last Light, you need to use these skills effectively to survive without encountering enemies. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to hide and escape from enemies using the best tactics and strategies in Metro: Last Light.

Harness the Power of Shadows

Darkness and shadows are a great advantage for privacy in a city’s underground tunnels and subway stations. In Metro: Last Light, you must make the best use of shadows to move without attracting the attention of enemies and avoid dangers. Shadows prevent enemies from seeing you and give them an advantage.

  • Pay attention to enemies’ perspectives and move using shadows. Hiding in the shadows is the most effective way to escape from your enemies.
  • You can silently neutralize enemies by targeting them in the shadows. This method can be useful when the number of enemies is large and direct combat is risky.

Act Carefully and Strategically

Metro: Last Light takes place in a world where enemies and dangers are around every corner. Therefore, it is vital to act carefully and strategically.

  • Move slowly and quietly to keep your noise to a minimum. Noticeable sounds such as crackling or loud chatter alert enemies and give away your position.
  • Watch your enemies and try to predict their moves. By studying their routines and behaviors, you can determine when you are safe and when you need to run away.
  • It is important to infiltrate elsewhere or find alternative routes to escape conflict. There are often better options in the game than engaging enemies directly.

Know Enemy Types Intervene Secretly Human Enemies There are different tactics you can use against human enemies. For example, you can neutralize them by approaching them silently from behind, or wait for the crowd moments to pass through the enemies. Mutant Enemies Mutant enemies can be faster and more dangerous. When you encounter them, it may make more sense to use quieter weapons or traps instead of firearms. Also, when you use force against mutant enemies, they will notice you faster, so be careful.

Stealth and shadow use are extremely important in Metro: Last Light. To escape from enemies, you need to act carefully and strategically, using shadow and darkness. You must manage to hide and prevent enemies from seeing you by using the power of shadows. Additionally, knowing the enemy types and applying different tactics against each of them is also advantageous.

Remember, in survival games like Metro: Last Light, avoiding direct combat is the smartest option to survive longer. You can play the game more effectively by using these tactics to move stealthily and escape from enemies.

Without a doubt, our security is always among our top priorities. Knowing defensive tactics and methods to protect yourself, especially against external threats, is an important part of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. A game like Metro: Last Light offers many strategies that can inspire us in this regard. In this article, I will present you the most effective defense tactics and protection methods.

Preparation Before Attack

In case of any attack, it is vital to be prepared in advance. Know the locations of safe shelters in areas with potential for attack and create a strategy to reach these areas with a determined plan. You can also keep yourself safe by carrying the following vital items:

  • Sufficient amount of water and food
  • First-aid kit
  • Portable radio and batteries
  • Flashlight
  • Sleeping bag or blanket

Shelter Security

In the event of an attack, it is important to keep your shelters secure. You can increase your shelter security by following these steps:

  1. Seal and reinforce the bunker entrance. You can create a physical barrier using wood or metal coverings.
  2. Establish a lookout point to provide a clear line of sight for security within the shelter.
  3. Create an environment that is as clean and tidy as you are comfortable with. Considering the time you will spend in the shelter, keep the appropriate equipment and supplies inside.
  4. Designate several exit routes within the shelter for emergencies and keep these exits open at all times.

Self Defense Methods

In the event of an attack, you can use the following defensive techniques to protect yourself and those around you:

  • Make sure you have your own defensive weapon. The aim is to neutralize the attackers who threaten you. Improve your weapon handling and maintenance skills regularly.
  • Get self-protection training. Learn techniques to neutralize someone attacking you before they catch you. This can be achieved through self-defense sports or special training.
  • Be creative. Use available objects to protect yourself. For example, you can distract the attacker by shining a flashlight towards him.
  • Ask for help from the people around you and act together. In the event of an attack, solidarity and teamwork are important.


Safety is important to ensure the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. In this article, I explained the most effective defense tactics and ways to protect yourself that the game Metro: Last Light can teach us. Pre-attack preparation, shelter security, and self-defense techniques are the cornerstones of protecting against external threats. Remember, your safety is in your hands.

In a modern warfare environment, weapons and ammunition management plays a critical role for the success of military units. Proper and efficient use of resources can increase the effectiveness of operations and protect soldiers’ lives. Weapons and ammunition management is a complex process in which military leaders and commanders must use their skills.

1. Needs Analysis

The first step to good weapons and ammunition management is to accurately analyze the needs of the unit. This step involves determining the type, number, and quality of weapons and ammunition the unit will use. Identifying weapons suitable for different scenarios ensures that resources can be used in the most efficient way.

2. Planning and Allocation

Once the needs of the unit are determined, it is important to plan and allocate resources correctly. At this stage, factors such as the dates on which weapons and ammunition will be supplied, carrying capacity, storage areas and maintenance requirements should be taken into account. Correct planning ensures optimal use of resources, preventing unnecessary delays and waste.

3. Supply Chain Management

An effective supply chain management in weapons and ammunition management ensures that resources are monitored and controlled throughout the entire process. The supply chain covers all stages from the point of supply of weapons and ammunition to their storage, transportation to military units and delivery to the end user. Supply chain management prevents unnecessary resource losses by providing complete and accurate inventory management.

4. Maintenance and Repair

For best gun and ammunition management, regular maintenance and repair is important. Ensuring that weapons and ammunition function properly increases the safety and effectiveness of users. Regular maintenance and repair of equipment prevents malfunctions and ensures a longer lifespan. Maintenance and repair programs help use resources effectively.

5. Education and Awareness Raising

Weapons and ammunition management requires proper training and awareness. Soldiers should be trained on the correct use, storage and maintenance of weapons and ammunition. At the same time, the awareness of military personnel must be raised to emphasize the importance of resources and prevent waste. Training and awareness-raising ensures the most efficient use of resources and minimizes risks.

6. Recovery and Reuse

The recovery and reuse of weapons and ammunition ensures sustainable use of resources. If possible, their usability should be increased by such methods as reloading spent ammunition or repairing weapons. In this way, the need for new resources is reduced and costs are reduced.

Resource Management Process Step Description 1 Needs Analysis 2 Planning and Allocation 3 Supply Chain Management 4 Maintenance and Repair 5 Training and Awareness Raising 6 Recovery and Reuse

Following these strategic steps ensures the best use of resources by increasing the effectiveness of weapons and ammunition management. In this way, military units can perform their duties better and gain advantages in difficult combat environments.

Radiation is a danger that we are exposed to in our daily lives without even realizing it. Especially in situations such as nuclear accidents, radiation treatments or industrial areas, radiation levels may increase, which can lead to serious health problems. As in the Metro: Last Light game, there are some important points we need to pay attention to when passing through dangerous areas. In this article, we will give detailed information about radiation and what we need to pay attention to when passing through dangerous areas.

Harms and Effects of Radiation

Radiation is the emission of high-energy particles or electromagnetic waves that damage the body. When exposed, it can damage the structure of cells and DNA in the body. This can lead to various health problems. Harms of radiation include cancer, genetic disorders, organ damage and even death. For this reason, it is very important to stay away from the radiation area.

Precautions to be Taken in Hazardous Areas

If you must be in a hazardous area following a nuclear accident or work in a job where you will be exposed to radiation, it is important to take the following precautions:

  • First, you should use a detector that can measure radiation levels. These detectors can quickly detect the amount of radiation and sound an alarm to warn you of a dangerous situation.
  • It is important to change your clothing in radiation areas. There are special disposable radiation protective clothing and you should use these clothing.
  • You should use appropriate respiratory protection such as radiation masks or gas masks. In this way, you can breathe without being exposed to radiation or toxic gases.
  • If possible, it is important to stay in hazardous areas for short periods of time and move away as quickly as possible. Long-term exposure may cause further harmful effects.
  • You must be in a closed area to be protected from radiation. Walls and concrete can serve as powerful radiation shields. That’s why you should choose closed areas for protection.

Sources of Radiation and Ways of Avoidance

Major sources of radiation exposure include medical procedures, nuclear power plants, or industrial facilities. People working in such areas should be equipped with special training and protective equipment. It is also important to know the radiation sources around us and stay away from them. For example, we must take precautions against radiation sources that we may encounter in daily life, such as sunlight, working environments with radioactive substances or medical imaging procedures.

Radiation Source Avoidance Ways Sun rays Using sun protection products, staying in shaded areas Medical procedures Following doctor’s recommendations during the treatment process, using protective shields Working environments with radioactive substances Complying with occupational health and safety instructions, using radiation protective equipment

In this article, we have given general information about radiation and what you should pay attention to when passing through dangerous areas. However, each situation is unique and it is important to seek professional advice when there are serious radiation risks that require professional help. For your own safety and health, you should be careful about radiation and take the necessary precautions.

In many video games, the main character must rely solely on his own skills and strength. However, in some games, it is of great importance to interact with other characters called NPC characters, establish good relationships and ask for help from them. This can also become very vital in games such as Metro: Last Light. In this article, we will focus on the importance of establishing good relationships with NPC characters and requesting help.

1. Advantages of Building Good Relationships

In video games, NPC characters are usually around you and help you. You can gain many advantages from these characters by establishing good relationships. Some of these are those:

  • Take on extra quests and side quests
  • Ability to purchase additional equipment or weapons
  • Ability to accompany you during your journey
  • Ability to get information about the region map or secret points
  • Provide more resources or ammunition

To get the above advantages, you need to regularly communicate with NPC characters and help them. You can improve your relationships by listening to their needs and wishes.

2. The Importance of Requests for Assistance

NPC characters you encounter in many video games may ask you for various help. Fulfilling these requests for help will provide you with returns as the game progresses, strengthening your character and improving your relationships. The importance of requests for help can be expressed in the following ways:

  • Helps you understand the story of the game better
  • Increases your character’s strength
  • Grants extra experience points or rewards
  • Provides support during your journey
  • Allows you to achieve more missions and objectives

For example, an NPC character in the Metro: Last Light game may give you a task and ask for your help. By performing this task, you can maintain the flow of complex tasks. Additionally, you can allow the NPC character to survive or help you. Such requests for help make your gaming experience richer and more satisfying.

3. Strategies for Building Good Relationships

The basis of establishing good relationships is to be around NPC characters and help them. Here are some strategies for establishing good relationships with NPC characters:

Strategy Description Responding to Requests for Help Be as helpful as possible when NPC characters ask you for help. This gives you extra rewards and benefits. Communicating in a Friendly manner Greet them with respect and speak in a polite manner. Avoid using harsh or rude language. Meeting Their Needs Provide them with the materials or equipment they need. This will strengthen your relationships. Solving Problems Show that you are interested in the problems they are facing and do your best to help them.

By applying the above strategies, you can establish better relationships with NPC characters and fulfill requests for help more effectively.


In games like Metro: Last Light, establishing good relationships with NPC characters and fulfilling their requests for help enriches your gaming experience and provides you with many advantages. To establish good relationships, it is necessary to communicate and help them regularly. Likewise, responding quickly and effectively to their requests for help will set you up for success. Remember, cooperation and cooperation always pay off in video games!

Metro: Last Light: Best Tactics and Strategies, Ways to escape from enemies using stealth and shadow, Defensive tactics against enemy attacks and methods to protect your shelter, Weapon and ammunition management: How can you use resources in the best way?, Things you need to pay attention to when passing through radiation and dangerous areas Interacting with NPC characters: The importance of establishing good relationships and requesting help

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