Firewall: Zero Hour: Game Modes and Different Playstyles

Firewall: Zero Hour: Game Modes and Different Playstyles

Firewall: Zero Hour is a tactical shooter developed by First Contact Entertainment and designed exclusively for PlayStation VR. The game features various game modes, such as completing missions with your team or clashing with an opposing team. There are also several operator options available that offer different gameplay styles. In this article, we will discuss the game modes and gameplay styles of Firewall: Zero Hour in detail.

Game Modes

In Firewall: Zero Hour, players perform various tasks as special soldiers. In the game’s basic game mode, “Operations”, there are eight missions, each with different difficulty levels. These missions require players to neutralize enemies and complete objectives. Missions can be played alone or with a team against other players.

  • Mission: In this game mode, players must achieve a specific goal. This objective can be a variety of missions, such as capturing data, planting the bomb, or rescuing hostages. This mode emphasizes the importance of teamwork and requires the team to act in a coordinated manner.
  • Contract: In Contract mode, players fight to capture a predetermined location. You will defend or repel the opposing team’s attack while your team tries to neutralize the other team’s members and capture the gateway.

Gameplay Styles

Firewall: Zero Hour also offers different operator options that offer different gameplay styles. Each operator has its own unique abilities, diversifying the gaming experience. Operators come in four different classes: attack, defense, support and sniper.

Class Operator Ability Assault Jager is a weapon carrier who assists your team in attacking. Defense Python is a blacksmith who can build defense systems for his teams. Support Doctor A medic who can heal teammates. Sniper Blackout is a sniper that can neutralize enemies.

Operators’ different abilities can highlight your team’s strengths or complement their shortcomings. Choosing the right combination of operators is an important factor in creating a successful strategy.

Firewall: Zero Hour places emphasis not only on operator abilities, but also on weapons and equipment. Players can customize their weapons and equipment and try different tactics before missions. Some weapons offer better range while others deal more damage. This variety allows players to choose weapons that suit their play style.

In addition, you can earn Cryptos, the in-game currency, in Firewall: Zero Hour and use them to upgrade operators’ abilities, weapons, and equipment. This encourages players to progress through the game and further enhances their experience.


Firewall: Zero Hour is an exciting PlayStation VR game that offers a variety of experiences with different game modes and gameplay styles. Game modes such as Operations, Mission and Contract encourage teamwork, while operators’ different abilities and weapon options make strategizing more enjoyable. Thanks to the Cryptos earned as you progress through the game, you can upgrade your operators and equipment and further improve your gaming experience. In this detailed article, we focused on the game modes and gameplay styles of Firewall: Zero Hour and tried to explain why the game is popular. Now it’s time to put on your PlayStation VR helmet and dive into the immersive world of Firewall: Zero Hour with your team!

Firewall: Zero Hour: Game Modes and Different Gameplay StylesToday, the gaming world is full of games that offer a successful online multiplayer experience. However, some players prefer single-player experiences over a competitive environment or due to poor internet connections. Here Firewall: Zero Hour is a great option for these players. In this article, we will talk about the addictive single-player modes of Firewall: Zero Hour and discuss different gameplay styles. Firewall: Zero Hour is a team-based tactical shooter game. Your main goal is to successfully achieve your goals by capturing or defending data that the enemy team will use. You can work in teams of 4 people called Fireteam, but you can also improve yourself with single-player modes. Firewall: Zero Hour offers players a series of missions in its single-player mode. Each of these missions introduces a scene that provides more information about the game’s main story and universe. Additionally, you can improve your skills by practicing the game’s mechanics and gameplay styles. The first mode you will encounter in single-player modes is called “Training Camp”. This mode aims to teach players the basic mechanics of the game. Players learn the game’s controls while honing basic aiming, moving, and achieving objectives. Another single-player mode is the “Single Mission” mode. In this mode, players are given special missions that they must accomplish alone. Missions require quick thinking and reflexes as well as a tactical approach. This mode is ideal for players to fully experience the game mechanics and develop their own playing style. Firewall: Zero Hour also offers another mode to test your skills in single-player modes, which is the “Self Test” mode. In this mode, players try to achieve different goals while testing themselves on challenging tracks. You can also improve your combat skills by learning to evade enemies and manage challenging situations. Firewall: Zero Hour’s single-player modes appeal to many gameplay styles. Some players like to use tactical strategies, while others may prefer a faster and more aggressive playing style. The game’s modes provide areas suitable for different tactics and gameplay styles. In single-player mode, you can try many different tactics. If you are a tactical player, it is important to have a good plan to deeply influence the enemy. By following your team’s game plan, you can use enemy weak points to complete missions. If you prefer a faster and more aggressive gameplay style, it is important to have quick reflexes and good aiming ability to take on enemies. Single-player modes offer such players the opportunity to test their speed and achieve their goals. As a result, Firewall: Zero Hour game, It offers an experience that appeals to different gameplay styles with its addictive single-player modes. Single-player modes are ideal for learning basic game mechanics, improving skills and determining your playing style. This game offers great pleasure to players who like to have a tactical strategy or prefer a fast-paced gameplay style.

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Firewall: Zero Hour is a popular tactical first-person shooter game. In the game, you control a special military unit that attempts to defeat the opposing team by forming a team to complete various missions. A unique feature of the game is the different characters and classes that can be played.

Characters in the Game

Firewall: Zero Hour offers a rich selection of characters. Each character has its own unique abilities and characteristics. Characters can be chosen to suit play style and team strategy. Here’s a brief introduction for some of the characters available in the game:

Character Name Abilities Proxy – Ability to detect enemies
– Perform cyber attacks
– Improve the health of team members Interceptor – Ability to move silently
– Neutralize enemies secretly
– Intelligence gathering abilities Titan – High durability
– Ability to use heavy weapons
– Restrict and slow down enemies Artillery – Remote attack abilities
– Ability to place laser marks on enemy targets
– Ability to use explosives

  • Characters support different gameplay styles to increase the depth of the game.
  • When choosing a character, it is important to choose the one with abilities that best suit your team.
  • By working with your team, you can make the best use of the characters’ abilities and gain advantage.

Game Modes and Different Play Styles

Firewall: Zero Hour offers a variety of game modes. These game modes support different tactics and gameplay styles. Here are the basic game modes of the game:

  • Training: This is the training mode of the game for beginners. In this mode, you learn basic controls and discover the characters’ abilities.
  • Contractor: In this mode, you work with your team to complete set objectives. You will face tasks such as capturing the enemy team’s control points, stealing data or defusing the bomb.
  • Defend: In defense mode, your team has to defend a point. You must maintain your endurance against the enemy team’s attacks and stop them.
  • Attack: In attack mode, you attack the enemy base to capture specific objectives. You must plan and act in coordination with your team.

Firewall: Zero Hour is also one of the first-person shooter games that supports tactical gameplay. By combining elements such as planning, teamwork and character selection, it makes players feel like a real military unit.

The game offers each player a unique experience thanks to different characters and classes. By using the characters’ abilities well, you can give your team the upper hand and achieve victory. You can also explore the depth the game offers by trying different game modes and tactics.

Firewall: Zero Hour is an ideal option for those who love tactical shooter games. With its realistic graphics, immersive gameplay and diverse characters, it is definitely a success that must be experienced.

Firewall: Zero Hour is a multiplayer shooter game and offers an enjoyable gaming experience on the PlayStation VR platform. This game focuses on team-based tactical battles and offers players a real action atmosphere. Firewall: Zero Hour is a great option for players who want to take part in online combat.

Game Modes

Firewall: Zero Hour offers a variety of game modes and allows players to adapt to different play styles. These game modes offer exciting battles, each requiring different tactics. Here are some of the game modes available in Firewall: Zero Hour:

  • Classic: In this mode, there is a fight between two teams. By switching between defensive and attacking positions, you need to create strategies that will enable you to contribute to your team in the best possible way.
  • Frontline: In this mode, one team tries to capture control points in a certain area, while the other team tries to hinder them. Teamwork and strategic thinking are very important here.
  • Synthesis: In this mode, you compete to obtain data by performing various hacks. Their ability to think quickly and make plans to disrupt the enemy team’s strategies is important.

Different Playstyles

Firewall: Zero Hour supports a variety of gameplay styles and allows players to best guide their team. Each player has a different role, and these roles are critical to the success of team play. Here are some of the different gameplay styles available in Firewall: Zero Hour:

  • Aggressive: As an offensive player, you can infiltrate enemy territories and counter them with surprising moves to disrupt the enemy team’s strategies. Such players must have quick thinking and action skills.
  • Defender: Players in the defensive position specialize in protecting their team and blocking enemy attacks. Strategic thinking and area control skills are important.
  • Support: Support players take on supporting roles such as providing health and ammunition support to their teammates. Good team coordination and teamwork are important for this gameplay style.

Exciting PvP Battles

Firewall: Zero Hour offers players an action-packed PvP battle experience. The realistic graphics and immersive atmosphere of the game completely immerse the player and make him feel like he is in a real conflict environment. You must work in harmony with your teammates and fight strategically to defeat the enemy team.

Firewall: Zero Hour is a game about cyber security operations taking place on a Firewall network, and it is frequently mentioned with its legendary PvP battles. Players must use their own skills and strategies to gain an advantage over their opponents and lead their team to victory. Firewall: Zero Hour provides a true experience of team play, keeping players in the game for a long time.

Firewall: Zero Hour offers players different game modes and gameplay styles, ensuring that each player has a unique experience. This game is an excellent opportunity to develop skills such as team cooperation, strategy and quick thinking. If you want to feel yourself in a real war environment, Firewall: Zero Hour is a game you should definitely try!

Developed by developer First Contact Entertainment, Firewall: Zero Hour is a team-based tactical shooter. Players take part in operations carried out on different maps as part of a professional special military team. Strategy, communication and teamwork are important to be successful. In this article, we will look at ways to win in Firewall: Zero Hour and cover different gameplay styles as well as game modes.

Game Modes

Firewall: Zero Hour offers a variety of game modes. Each game mode offers a different gameplay experience and you may need to determine your strategies accordingly. Here are the main game modes of the game:

  • Classic: Classic mode offers a simple and straightforward two-team clash. While one team tries to carry the data bag safely and deliver it to its place, the other team tries to prevent this goal. Good coordination and strategy are the keys to success in this mode.
  • Battle: Battle mode is a mode where players can play alone or in a team. You will need to use your strategy and marksmanship skills to neutralize the enemies on the relevant maps.
  • Contract: Contract mode offers more complex gameplay. Players must cooperate with their teammates and try to thwart the enemy team to accomplish certain objectives.

Different Gameplay Styles

You can use different gameplay styles to succeed in Firewall: Zero Hour. Here are some gameplay styles and tips to consider when using them:

  1. Sniper: A gameplay style that neutralizes enemies from a distance using a sniper rifle. It is important to keep an eye on enemies and wait for the right moment.
  2. Tank: A gameplay style that neutralizes enemies by attacking them directly using a powerful weapon. Don’t give courage to the enemies and be on the front lines to protect your teammates.
  3. Intelligencer: A gameplay style that monitors enemy movements and relays information to teammates. Rather than neutralizing enemies, stay in strategic positions to monitor them and provide reports.
  4. Trapper: A gameplay style that traps enemies by setting traps. Place traps at strategic locations and use them to deceive enemies.

Tactical Game Strategies

Depending on game modes and play styles, there are several ways to win in Firewall: Zero Hour. Here are some tactical game strategies:

Game Mode Strategy Classic Players need to plan carefully and determine a protected path to transport the data bag safely. Good teamwork and communication increases the chances of success. In a fight, speed and marksmanship are important. You can surprise and neutralize enemies by waiting or acting secretly. Contract In Contract mode, cooperating with your teammates is crucial. By acting together, you can hit the enemy team at weak points and fulfill the objectives.

The main way to win in Firewall: Zero Hour is through good teamwork and communication. Stay in constant communication with your teammates and share your strategies. It is also important to monitor enemy movements, use the map well and discover enemy tactics.

Also, knowing the game modes and maps well is the key to winning. Each map has different strategic points and advantages, so look carefully at the map surface and try to gain advantage by using them.

Ultimately, ways to win in Firewall: Zero Hour depend on game modes and play styles. Good teamwork and communication, improving your strategic skills and anticipating the enemy will increase your chances of winning. Remember, as you gain patience and experience, you will progress towards becoming a better player. Have fun!

Firewall: Zero Hour is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed exclusively for PlayStation VR. This game offers a tactical experience that emphasizes the importance of team play and communication skills. We can say that establishing good communication and working in harmony with your team are the keys to success.

Game Modes and Different Play Styles

Firewall: Zero Hour offers players a rich experience by offering a variety of game modes and different gameplay styles. Here are some of the important game modes of this game:

  • Training: It is a mode designed to teach basic gameplay mechanics and controls to new players. In this mode, you and your team must complete various missions against artificial intelligence enemies.
  • Contracts: In this mode, you perform defensive or offensive tasks with your teammates. It is extremely important to discuss your strategies and tactics with your team before starting missions.
  • Public: In this mode, you play against other players online and compete with other teams. Good communication and team coordination are critical to winning the match.
  • Training Ground: It is a special mode where you can try tactics and develop new strategies with your team. In this mode, you can surprise your opponents by using the power of communication.

These game modes offer players different gameplay styles and improve team play abilities. The secret to success in any mode is good communication and teamwork.

The Importance of Communication and Key Tips

Since Firewall: Zero Hour is a game that emphasizes the critical importance of communication between teammates, it is important to pay attention to the following key tips to succeed:

Tips Description Use Global Chat with Your Team The game has a built-in voice chat system. Using this feature, stay in constant communication with your team and share instant information for a successful strategy. Provide Information About Maps and Positions Informing your team about your location on the map and the enemy’s locations helps your team develop correct strategies. Giving information about positions helps you prevent surprise attacks and control the match. Discuss Tactics and Make Plans Make plans before the match and talk about how your team will act. Determine which tasks you will undertake and your strategies. This way you will ensure better coordination. Actively Share Information You may miss strategic advantages by playing by rote. Share the developments around you with your team and make real-time decisions together. This way, you’ll be prepared for surprise attacks. Support Each Other Help your teammates when they need it. You can neutralize the enemies by providing support to them. This increases team spirit and increases your chances of victory.

Since Firewall: Zero Hour is a game based on team play, you need to use communication in the best way to be successful. By paying attention to the tips above, you can work in harmony with your team and achieve victory.


Firewall: Zero Hour offers a tactical experience that shows how important team play and communication skills are. Game modes and different gameplay styles offer players variety and improve team skills. Collaborating with your team through good communication is one of the keys to success. Plan your tactics, share your strategies and act together with your team to confront enemies. Firewall: Zero Hour offers an excellent experience for players who love team play.

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