Difficulties and Solution Suggestions You May Encounter in Metro: Last Light

Difficulties and Solution Suggestions You May Encounter in Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter video game developed by 4A Games and the sequel to Metro 2033. The game puts players in a post-apocalyptic Russia where the world is trying to survive after a nuclear disaster by taking them to the underground subway system. You may encounter many difficulties and dangers in the game, but in this article we will offer you some tips on how you can overcome these difficulties.

1. Amunition Management

In Metro: Last Light, you have a limited supply of ammunition with rare and valuable bullets. It is quite possible to encounter ammo exhaustion while fighting or exploring. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to ammunition management.


  • You can obtain the extra ammunition you carry by dismantling the weapons you don’t need.
  • You can save ammo by silently killing the enemies you encounter.
  • You can kill more enemies with fewer bullets by using more effective weapons such as sniper rifles.

2. Tough Enemies

In Metro: Last Light, you will encounter a variety of dangerous enemies. Mutants, other survivors and creatures will keep you under constant threat. Encountering and defeating these enemies can be a challenging task.


  • Take a strategic approach when fighting dangerous creatures. Try to discover their weak points and target them.
  • Try to move stealthily and use silent weapons to prevent enemies from attacking you.
  • When a battle is inevitable, remember to use proper cover and carefully balance firepower to stay protected.

3. Toxic Gases and Radiation

In the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the game, the presence of poisonous gases and radiation is something you will frequently encounter. These hazards can harm you or lead to death.


  • Be careful to stay away from toxic gases and radiation. You can pass toxic environments by using a mask or respirator.
  • Try to spend as little time as possible in areas where radiation is intense, and you can mitigate its effects by using radiation-reducing medications.
  • Replenish your health by resting and recovering in safe areas such as metro stations.

4. Communication breakdown

In an apocalyptic world, communications infrastructure may often be broken or destroyed. In Metro: Last Light, lack of communication can often cause problems and lead to missteps.


  • Gather information and clues by interacting with other characters in the game.
  • Find your way using maps and pointers of the area.
  • Develop good observation skills and constantly scan your environment and surroundings.

The challenges mentioned above include the main challenges and solutions you may encounter in Metro: Last Light. You can overcome these challenges with a good strategy, careful planning and the right weapon selection. Use your survival skills and follow these tips to succeed in your journey through post-apocalyptic Russia.

Video games are one of the important activities that enable us to have a pleasant time. However, sometimes the difficulty levels in games can take us to a point where our nerves prevail. In this case, even if we want to continue playing the game, lowering the difficulty level is an important step. In this article, we will focus on the difficulties and solutions you may encounter in the Metro: Last Light game.

Difficulty Levels and Types

Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter game with survival and horror elements. The game has different difficulty levels and players can further personalize their gaming experience by choosing one of these levels. But sometimes the difficulty level we choose can be quite challenging for us. This is where the following tips can help:

Tips to Lower the Difficulty Level

  • Change Game Settings: You can change the game settings to reduce the difficulty levels in the game. Metro: Last Light offers various settings options, and you can reduce the difficulty level of the game by using these options. For example, you can benefit from options such as lowering the artificial intelligence of the enemies or increasing your health.
  • Tactical Approach: Another way to reduce the difficulty level of the game is to use tactical approaches. Skills in observing enemies, using the environment well and making the right moves can make the game process even more comfortable.
  • Make Allies: The game sometimes has opportunities to cooperate with other characters. These characters can provide a strategic advantage for you. You can overcome difficult situations more easily by having a good ally.
  • Have Completed Resources: Resources in the game are very important for survival. Having resources such as bullets and health packs can reduce the difficulty. Therefore, while traveling around the game world, do not forget to review your inventory and complete the missing resources.

Table: Tips for Lowering the Difficulty Level

Tips to Lower the Difficulty Level Change Game Settings Use Tactical Approach Make Allies Have Completed Resources

Lowering the difficulty level can increase your gaming enjoyment while also reducing nervous stress. You can refer to the tips above to play a challenging game like Metro: Last Light more comfortably. Remember, the most important factor is that the game is enjoyable and it is natural to adjust the difficulty level according to your personal preferences.

In the modern world, encountering various difficulties is an inevitable reality. Especially in a survival-themed game world like Metro: Last Light, lack of weapons and ammunition is a big problem. In this article, we will discuss in detail these difficulties and solution suggestions that you may encounter in the Metro: Last Light game.

Challenges of Lack of Weapons and Ammunition

Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The player controls the main character Artyom, trying to survive in the underground subway tunnels. These tunnels are full of enemies and there is a risk of being attacked at any moment. What makes this situation even more difficult is the lack of weapons and ammunition.

The lack of weapons and ammunition in the game severely limits the player’s ability to combat enemies. Due to limited weapons and ammunition, the player has difficulty killing his enemies, leaving him defenseless and reducing his chances of survival. In this case, in order to be successful, it is necessary to think strategically and use resources correctly.

Solution offers

To deal with the lack of weapons and ammunition, you can use the following solutions:

1. Research Energetically

  • Explore tunnels and buildings to find more weapons and ammunition.
  • Discover places to hide or hide.
  • Don’t forget to get weapons and ammunition from the enemies you destroy.

2. Use Resources Carefully

  • Avoid wasting your weapons unnecessarily.
  • Choose weapons that consume less ammunition.
  • Find additional resources by checking the corpses of the enemies you kill.

3. Tactical Approach and Stealth

  • When you’re safe, use privacy whenever possible.
  • Avoid engaging enemies unnecessarily.
  • You can hide in tunnels or find alternative ways to escape from enemies.

4. Be cautious

  • Check and maintain your guns regularly.
  • Before engaging in combat, evaluate enemy forces and strategies.
  • Aim before shooting and make accurate shots.

5. Communicate with Allies

  • You will encounter allies in some places in the game.
  • Don’t forget to use the resources and weapons your allies can provide you.
  • By cooperating with them, you can fight enemies more effectively.

Solution Suggestions Details Investigate Energetically Find new resources by exploring tunnels Use Resources Carefully Do not waste your weapons unnecessarily Tactical Approach and Stealth Act by hiding or avoiding enemies Be cautious Maintain your weapons and take care to target Communicate with Allies Get support and cooperation from your allies

Dealing with the lack of weapons and ammunition is critical to increasing your chances of survival in a game like Metro: Last Light. By following the solution suggestions mentioned above, you can use resources correctly and gain an advantage when fighting against enemies. Remember, with the right strategy and planning, you can overcome any challenge!

One of the things we need to do to keep everyone safe is to use air and gas masks to protect our health. However, using inadequate and ineffective air and gas masks can expose us to serious health problems. Therefore, in this article titled Challenges and Solution Suggestions You May Encounter in Metro: Last Light, we will discuss in detail what we need to do to prevent the use of inadequate masks.

1. Choosing the Right Mask

The first step is to avoid using the wrong masks. The type of mask, the quality of its filter and its suitability for your face are important. To choose a good air and gas mask, consider the following factors:

  • Depending on the type of mask, pay attention to whether it has the appropriate filter.
  • Make sure the mask fits snugly on your face, preventing air from escaping outside the mask.
  • Do research on the quality and air permeability of the filters.

2. Regular Filter Change

Air and gas masks filter out hazardous particles or gases through their filters. However, filters can become clogged or lose their effectiveness over time. Therefore, it is very important to change filters regularly.

Remember that you must act in accordance with the instructions for use of any mask and change the filters at the specified intervals. How long it takes to replace the filters may vary depending on the brand and the conditions of use of the mask.

3. Using the Mask Correctly

Proper use of the mask is one of the keys to providing effective protection. Make sure the mask is used correctly by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the mask fits snugly behind your ears and across the bridge of your nose.
  2. Make sure the mask completely covers your face. Gaps may cause filters to be ineffective in delivered air.
  3. Make sure the mask is not damaged or worn in any way. If there are any problems, the effectiveness of the mask may decrease, so it is important to change it in time.

4. Purchasing Masks from Reliable Sources

Inadequate and ineffective masks are often sourced from unreliable sources. Therefore, it is extremely important to buy masks from reliable sources. Trusted pharmacies, medical supply companies or well-known brands are more reliable options for providing adequate air and gas masks.

5. Education and Awareness Raising

Education and awareness are important to prevent inadequate use of masks. It is necessary to provide information and raise awareness in the society about the correct use of air and gas masks. Educating the public on the importance of using masks and providing instructions on their proper use is an effective method of reducing the use of inadequate masks.


Inadequate air and using gas masks create risks that seriously threaten our health. Therefore, it is important to choose masks correctly, replace filters regularly and take precautions for their correct use. Additionally, we must obtain masks from reliable sources and educate the public on mask use. In this way, we can protect our health more effectively.

How to Avoid Dangerous and Poisonous Areas? – Difficulties and Solution Suggestions You May Encounter in Metro: Last Light

In a game like Metro: Last Light, where you struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, it is often possible to encounter dangerous and poisonous areas. Some precautions must be taken to avoid the dangers in these regions and to survive. This article will discuss the difficulties you may encounter in the Metro: Last Light game and some solutions to overcome these difficulties.

Challenge: Radiation

Radiation is one of the most common and dangerous challenges in Metro: Last Light. When you enter radiation areas, your health begins to decrease rapidly and it becomes difficult for you to survive. You can use the following solutions to avoid radiation:

  • Use radiation mask and clothing: You can reduce the effect of radiation by using the radiation mask and clothing available in the game. You can obtain these equipment by purchasing them or completing your missions.
  • Find alternative routes: If you need to pass through areas with radiation, examine the alternative routes on the map and choose a route with less radiation. So you can protect your health and survive.
  • Monitor radiation levels: Check the radiation levels around you using the radiation meter devices available in the game. Stay as far away as possible to avoid exposure to high radiation levels.

Challenge: Poisonous Gases

Poisonous gases are also a frequent challenge in the Metro: Last Light game. These gases harm the body through inhalation and quickly reduce your health. To avoid toxic gases, you can try the following solutions:

  • Use a gas mask: Wear a gas mask to avoid being affected by poisonous gases. These masks can be purchased at subway stations or from other characters.
  • Carry an oxygen tank: Carry an oxygen tank with you before entering an area filled with poisonous gas. This will reduce harmful effects on your respiratory tract.
  • Move quickly: Try to move quickly through areas with poisonous gas. The less time you stay in the toxic gas, the less damage you will suffer.

Challenge: Explosives

You may also encounter explosives in the Metro: Last Light game. These explosives can cause serious harm to you and your environment. To overcome this challenge, consider the following solutions:

  • Conduct a detailed investigation: Before entering an area filled with explosives, look around carefully and identify potential hazards.
  • Approach explosives with caution: Be careful when approaching explosives and find another way instead of stepping where they are.
  • Disarm explosives: If you have explosives, you can use them to neutralize explosives around you. Remote-controlled explosives or explosive rounds in your guns can help with this.


In Metro: Last Light, it is necessary to take some precautions to overcome dangerous and poisonous areas. When faced with difficulties such as radiation, toxic gases and explosives, the above-mentioned solutions can be applied. These suggestions will increase your chances of survival and enable you to complete the game successfully.

Challenge Solution Suggestions Radiation Use radiation mask and clothing, find alternative routes, monitor radiation levels. Toxic Gases Use a gas mask, carry an oxygen tank, move quickly. Explosives Conduct detailed investigation, approach carefully, defuse explosives.

Created by Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, the Metro series offers an exciting adventure set in a post-apocalyptic version of the bygone world. Metro: Last Light takes players into a subway network shrouded in complete darkness, full of dangerous enemies and challenges. The key to dealing with these challenges you may encounter is applying the right strategies. Here are the challenges you may encounter in Metro: Last Light and ways to overcome them:

1. Review Your Equipment

Equipment that is in poor condition can make it difficult for you to survive. Many of the enemies you encounter throughout the game will be strong and dangerous, so make sure your weapons and armor are in top shape. You can use the workshops in the Metro to improve equipment or make your own items with materials obtained from enemies.

2. Watch Enemies Carefully

In the Metro series, enemies not only attack, but can also be affected by your actions. You can avoid conflict or neutralize enemies by moving silently or making secret preparations. Observe your enemies well and adjust your position and tactics with a strategic approach.

3. Use Resources Wisely

In Metro: Last Light, resources are limited and you have to choose the things you need to survive. It is important to use resources such as bullets, gas mask filters and fuel sparingly and avoid unnecessary expenses. You can find additional resources by researching rooms or corpses, or you can complete your shortcomings by trading.

4. Help Friends

Metro: Last Light has allies to help you. Supporting your friends at every opportunity can help them provide you with help. You can establish an emotional bond with them and gain superiority over your enemies with teamwork. Acting together using your friends’ abilities will allow you to gain an advantage in this world full of difficulties.

5. Discover Secret Passages

There are many secret passages in the metro network. These passages are valuable routes you can use to evade or sneak through your enemies. Use your exploration skills to find secret passages and use the map to plan your route. In this way, you can surprise your enemies and move to more advantageous positions.

6. Examine Your Surroundings

Don’t forget to use the advantages your environment offers you in Metro: Last Light. Find and strategically use objects that can defeat your enemies or allow you to escape. For example, you can use explosives to eliminate your enemies or remove obstacles. Studying your environment carefully and using it effectively can ensure your survival.

7. Be Quiet

The subway world is full of dangers, and sometimes the best strategy is to act in silence. Stay alert and quiet to prevent your enemies from spotting you easily. Just attack and tackle when you need to. Use dark areas to approach enemies silently, launch a surprise attack and gain the advantage.

Metro: Last Light is a game set in a harsh world that challenges your survival skills. By applying these strategies, you can defeat enemies, survive dangerous situations and survive in this world full of darkness.

Challenges and Solution Suggestions You May Encounter in Metro: Last Light, Tips to reduce the difficulty level, How to deal with the lack of weapons and ammunition?, How to prevent the use of insufficient air and gas masks?, How to avoid dangerous and poisonous areas?, Cope with the increasing frequency of encounters with enemies strategies to quit

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